I would love working with you to create an engaging experience for your group. I travel from North Texas and am available to speak at seminars, conferences, retreats, and luncheons. A sampling of possible topics includes:



Close Encounters of the God Kind: Do you yearn to experience God? Do you ask, “Where is He when I need Him?” Hear me share how a fateful plane ride answered that question and launched my quest to see God. My story challenges you to focus your E.Y.E.S. and catch sight of the Creator guiding, guarding, and giving you what you need when you need it.

So, You Think You’re Too Small to Count? Do you think what you have to offer is too little to matter? That what you know or can do is too insignificant to make a difference? Think again and hear what a difference only you can make.

Who Loves Ya, Baby? Roses are red, Violets are blue. When you mess up, Then, who loves you? Come just as you are and learn the secret of turning that question mark into an exclamation point.

When Your Kin Can’t: Paths to Communication with Difficult People: We all have them … those people that we naturally click with and easily fall into conversation and those we don’t. Have fun and laughs while discovering the easiest way to have a positive conversation with even the most difficult people in your life.

Build a Brand for Personal Success:  An interactive discussion get on track and stay there with four key factors that help you build a positive brand in the workplace as well as with family and friends.

Taming the “Wait” Angst O’Meter:  Weary of the long and difficult journey? Hungry for refreshment or rest? Stiff from sitting in the same spot? Discover what God wants you to do while waiting to get to wherever He is taking you.

What Knot to Do When Facing Life’s Circumstances:  How do you untie the knots in your mind, heart, and life? You know, the ones that separate you from God and His promises. Learn the lessons of the Knot Prayer to live the abundant life God intends for you even in the face of life’s challenges.

Additional retreat and Bible study topics include:  

  •      Workplace Grace: Becoming a Spiritual Influence Wherever You Are
  •      Making a Difference Right Where You Are
  •      Women of the Bible                 
  •      The Holy Spirit
  •      Kingdom Parables
  •      Angels
  •      Miracles of Jesus

Other professional business presentations are:
Coaching Made Easy
So, You Want To Be a Leader

As a Certified Lay Speaker, I am available to lead the following classes:
Lay Speaker Basics
Cultivating Christian Community
Interpreting United Methodist Heritage

If you would like to hear me in person, join me at one of my scheduled events listed on my calendar: https://gloriaashby.wordpress.com/calendar/
or watch this short video clip at: https://gloriaashby.wordpress.com/video/

To print a copy of my One Sheet and contact information for easy reference, click here : GloriaAshbyBio


2 Responses to Speaker/Teacher

  1. Elaine Gammill says:

    Gloria spoke to our United Methodist Women’s quarterly meeting this fall and we thoroughly enjoyed and learned from her talk. She is a great speaker! Elaine, President, First Frisco United Methodist Church.

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