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Managing Change: What to Do When We Can’t See Where We’re Going

Sometimes, we just don’t see change coming. It’s not a matter of intelligence or foresight. After all, we anticipated past shifts in status quo. And it’s not that we don’t like change. We even pioneered a few. We got on … Continue reading

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How Long is a Good Life?

“Slaying victim had a strong faith, heart.” The headline blurred as I choked back tears over the ┬ástory in the Dallas News, March 4, 2003. The 29-year-old was returning to his Cedar Hill home early Saturday after shuttling church friends … Continue reading

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The Secret to Solving Persistent Problems

“Mom, you’re always in a rush to leave,” Jessica said, exasperated with me calling it quits on her latest decorating project. Our measurements indicated the wire baskets should be hanging level on the wall. After 45 minutes of trial and … Continue reading

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The Lifeguard

What a demanding week. Between triple digit temperatures wilting energy, gardens frying in the drought, and the debt debate churning fear about the economy, who isn’t ready for a break from daily burdens? That’s why I envied the neighbor’s two … Continue reading

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