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Where to? Planning Ahead is Over-Rated

My family vacations started nothing like my friend’s. Her dad piled wife, kids, and family pets into the car. He then drove to the end of the block where he stopped, turned to his family, and asked, “So, where to … Continue reading

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When You’re Out of Ideas … Keep Going

About once a month — sometimes weekly — writing my blog prompts me to declare, “I quit.” Yet, today I celebrate three years of weekly blogs. How does that happen? The sequence usually goes something like this: Stare at blank … Continue reading

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Please, Listen

My eyes stared at the page. But my mind went AWOL. As it wandered a million miles from the couch where my daughter and I sat to read, she said something I didn’t hear. “Mmmhmmm.” I answered. Her four-year-old fingers … Continue reading

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Auditing Church

I squirmed in my pew as the minister delivered the punch line to his message. My pencil poised mid-air over my notes. The topic doesn’t matter so much as what I was going to do with it. Could I just … Continue reading

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If Only They Would Listen …

Did my words reach them? I mumbled on the way back to my office from presenting to another team. Will my words take root and grow them into effective manager-coaches who bring out potential in others? The audience greeted me … Continue reading

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What to Do When Covered Up by the Unfamiliar and Mind-Boggling

Someone asked our new manager how he summed up his first days on the job. Tongue-in-cheek, he replied, “I’m on sensory overload. I’m covered up, but I don’t know even know what I’m covered up with.” I’ve been there. In … Continue reading

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3 Lessons from the Lost Ax Head Prayer

I poured out the contents of my tote in desperate search of the lost flash drive. The one I borrowed and that contained a presentation I would deliver the coming weekend. The one I wanted to put in a secure … Continue reading

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The Lesson of the Cardinal

The enemy came under the cover of darkness. The snake wound its way up the trunk of the ficus tree, slid into the baby cardinals’ nest, and killed them. No noise warned me of what was coming. No ruckus drew … Continue reading

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What if God wrote you a letter

“Write a letter … you will open in six months. Include your current accomplishments and concerns, and remind yourself of one thing from today that you want to make sure ‘future you’ does not forget.” Writer’s Digest suggested the exercise. … Continue reading

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The Secret to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

“Dream bigger.” That was Steve Jobs’ advice to a Disney CEO looking to re-invent that company. Inspired, I drafted my New Year’s Resolutions, entitled “Big Dreams for 2012.” About half-way through the exercise, I heard old tapes playing. Tapes I … Continue reading

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