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Where to? Planning Ahead is Over-Rated

My family vacations started nothing like my friend’s. Her dad piled wife, kids, and family pets into the car. He then drove to the end of the block where he stopped, turned to his family, and asked, “So, where to … Continue reading

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Who Sets the Pace?

Several fellow bloggers quickly declared their 2013 word as the ball dropped on this new year. For a decade mine was Surrender. What can I say, but I’m a slow learner. For the last two years His word for me … Continue reading

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The Road Less Traveled

Ariana reached a fork in the road in September. The first month of her freshman year at college. While resting her chin on her hand and concentrating on the English assignment, Ariana’s dorm friends burst into her room. “Hey, come … Continue reading

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Managing Change: What to Do When We Can’t See Where We’re Going

Sometimes, we just don’t see change coming. It’s not a matter of intelligence or foresight. After all, we anticipated past shifts in status quo. And it’s not that we don’t like change. We even pioneered a few. We got on … Continue reading

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What if God wrote you a letter

“Write a letter … you will open in six months. Include your current accomplishments and concerns, and remind yourself of one thing from today that you want to make sure ‘future you’ does not forget.” Writer’s Digest suggested the exercise. … Continue reading

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A Game of Simon Says

Children gathered in the grassy yard under the shade of a large oak tree. One stood in front of the other four, motioning them to line up. After some shoving and jostling for space, they faced the lone child who … Continue reading

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