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Make Room for the Light

The weather says it’s summer, but the date says it’s fall. And manning pumpkin patches everywhere is around the corner. Join me today on the website of friend and fellow Christian Communicator, Jeanne Doyon at The Stream’s Edge.  I guest blog the remake of one … Continue reading

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Interior Design and Discovering God’s Will

When we moved from Colleyville to Prosper, more than location changed.  Our home’s square footage increased and ceilings grew taller.  A more modern design replaced our wood-paneled, 80’s styled home. A cut up floor plan with solid wall space gave … Continue reading

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Harnessing Polar Bear Power

I shivered as a breeze off the bay water whipped through my light jacket. I hadn’t expected San Francisco’s spring weather to start the day with such cool mornings. And for a cold-natured, Texas gal whose fingernails were turning blue … Continue reading

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When (Not) to Play Hide-and-Seek with God

“God didn’t put us here on earth to play hide-and-seek, but to walk closely with Him and share in the unfolding story of His kingdom.”  ~Tammy Maltby, The God Who Sees You. But I enjoyed hide-and-seek.  Especially when I wanted … Continue reading

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What to Do When Covered Up by the Unfamiliar and Mind-Boggling

Someone asked our new manager how he summed up his first days on the job. Tongue-in-cheek, he replied, “I’m on sensory overload. I’m covered up, but I don’t know even know what I’m covered up with.” I’ve been there. In … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

I’m a Completer-Finisher. At least that’s what the personality trait test asserted. One who looks at projects and declares: The End. Period. Finished. Time to celebrate victory or reflect on failure. Either way, I like to tie loose ends into … Continue reading

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Where is God in the Tragedy?

Why, Lord? I lifted that question to the heavens when I heard the breaking news. Why, God, did You allow two young OSU basketball coaches to perish in a plane crash? Coach Budke … remembered as a family man and … Continue reading

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