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Stop the World

  Occasionally, I catch myself humming that old but still popular Patsy Cline ballad, Stop the World and Let Me Off:   Round an’ around an’ around Round an’ around an’ around Round an’ around an’ around And around and … Continue reading

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Strike a Chord

Tonya came to her first Christian Women’s Connection meeting alone, knowing no one. She came as a single musical note who needed a long overdue time-out from the incessant press of deadlines and demands of her hectic schedule. Yet, before … Continue reading

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Where to? Planning Ahead is Over-Rated

My family vacations started nothing like my friend’s. Her dad piled wife, kids, and family pets into the car. He then drove to the end of the block where he stopped, turned to his family, and asked, “So, where to … Continue reading

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The Long Road

God called the Israelites to the long road out of Egypt to the Promised Land. He “…did not lead them on the road through Philistine country, though that was the shortest way.” (Exodus 13:17, NCV) Why not? I would argue … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

“Uh-oh, where are they? Daddy? Mommy?” Twisting my skinny, six year-old body around to look back down the shoreline, I peer at the footprints scrambled in the sand. I squint to find the ones that are mine and will point … Continue reading

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How Long is Temporary?

The curve on the sign at the end of Loop 288 warns you. Traffic zipping along the highway at a posted 60 mph must drop their speed to almost a stop to navigate the hairpin turn that leads to Interstate … Continue reading

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Give Up or Go On? The Tipping Point

Four years of training and grueling practice came to an early end for Jeremy Abbott in his short program for men’s figure skating. ┬áHis dream to stand on the Olympic podium fell hard with him to the ice after he … Continue reading

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Which is Better … More or Less?

“Who thinks more is better than less?” That’s the question an adult posed in one of my favorite commercials. The kindergartener explains without hesitation, “More! We want more.” I can relate. Being an ambitious oldest or perhaps just a product … Continue reading

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A Surprise in the Road

I cruised along Highway 380 at 64 mph, just slightly over the speed limit and within the five mph grace I hoped police still gave. On the way to work, feeling sassy in my new sweater and pants, and looking … Continue reading

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The Secret to Big Dreams

Have any big dreams for the new year? “Dream bigger.” That was Steve Jobs’ advice to a Disney CEO looking to re-invent that company. Inspired, I drafted my New Year’s Resolutions, entitled “Big Dreams for 2014.” About half-way through the … Continue reading

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