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Where to? Planning Ahead is Over-Rated

My family vacations started nothing like my friend’s. Her dad piled wife, kids, and family pets into the car. He then drove to the end of the block where he stopped, turned to his family, and asked, “So, where to … Continue reading

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How Long is Temporary?

The curve on the sign at the end of Loop 288 warns you. Traffic zipping along the highway at a posted 60 mph must drop their speed to almost a stop to navigate the hairpin turn that leads to Interstate … Continue reading

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Magnify God’s Influence in the Arena

Isobel Kuhn was a Canadian missionary to China in the early 1900’s. Before her death in 1957, she wrote a book, In the Arena, in which she described every hardship she faced as placing her in an arena. A stadium … Continue reading

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When the Situaton Appears Hopeless…

The situation appearsĀ hopeless and not going as expected. What do I do now? In a recent Peanuts cartoon, Peppermint Patty stood in the middle of the baseball field, arms thrown wide, hands curled into fists, and shouted, “I’ve hit five … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Worry

We outsource lawn work, shopping for gifts, and paying our bills. Why not outsource worry? I ran across this story about a man who hired a virtual assistant to worry for him. How did that work? Fabulously! He sent his … Continue reading

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When Life Wears You Down, Take the Pause that Refreshes:

When I traveled to Tucson several years ago, I joined six other individuals for an excursion through the desert in an open-aired jeep. Decked in a stark white tank top, navy blue shorts, and jean-colored tennies, I slathered my pale … Continue reading

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Why did God allow the Boston Marathon tragedy? The murders of the Kaufman County DA’s and one’s wife? The West explosion and devastation? Why? sat like an elephant on my heart this week. What would Adam Hamilton say? Two Sundays … Continue reading

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The Way

Traffic halted on both sides of the narrow street. Before I reached the exit from my neighborhood, I joined the line of cars braking to a full stop. Eleven white geese followed in the footsteps of a wild Canadian goose. … Continue reading

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Picking the Right Building Materials

“That’s not what I chose.” The accent tile installed in our master bath was not what we picked at the design center. I selected an olive green to contrast the wheat-colored foundation. Instead, pink and blue iridescent tiles sparkled in … Continue reading

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Built to Last

“So what’s an additional $150 dollars if he gets the chair he wants but in the fabric I want?” The wife standing in front of me at the furniture check-out counter waved her fabric samples in front of me to … Continue reading

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