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Does Instant Spell Success?

And if not, why not? Check out this week’s story in my guest blog at     Advertisements

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Setback or Set Up?

My desire to teach suffered a setback. In the last semester of my last year in college, my career plan came to a screeching halt at the hands of a high school Spanish class who cared more about sports and … Continue reading

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Help: The Secret to Encountering Christ

Jim rarely asks for help with directions. Me, I just don’t ask for help. Not the best strategy, mind you, as I am often left more exhausted and frustrated than not. Case in point… When it comes to web pages … Continue reading

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Make Room for the Light

The weather says it’s summer, but the date says it’s fall. And manning pumpkin patches everywhere is around the corner. Join me today on the website of friend and fellow Christian Communicator, Jeanne Doyon at The Stream’s Edge.  I guest blog the remake of one … Continue reading

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The Final Call

“This is United Airways flight #2532 to Charlotte. Final call. Charlotte passengers Rogers, Kimble, and Turner, please report to gate A11 immediately for boarding or your seats will be given away. The doors of this aircraft will close in three minutes … Continue reading

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What’s going on when nothing’s going on?

Was my good fortune about to die? My lucky bamboo plant looked un-lucky. The third yellow leaf in as many weeks appeared overnight on the thank you gift. After the first one, I moved it closer to the window. After … Continue reading

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What to Keep and What to Toss

Friends warned me. “When you move, you’ll purge before AND after the moving van unloads. Before our move, we tossed, gave away and left behind: furniture we wouldn’t use, things we intended to repair but never did, and things we … Continue reading

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Who will Lead Them Now?

Jason posed his dilemma as we walked across UTA’s campus to where I would speak to the Finance and Business Student Societies about career opportunities. Jason was the President. “I’m a senior business major and my officers are seniors,” he explained. … Continue reading

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The Most Important Step to Abundant Living

A manager sat in my office, frustrated with below-standard team performance. He admitted,  “I’ve had the same conversations every month for six months with little or no progress. What can I do?” We dug to the root of the problem: … Continue reading

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