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The Best Defense: A Lesson Learned

I’m a sweet girl. How can she hate me?  Debra heaped jealous anger on me after handing in her resignation. As an inexperienced director, I shrank lower in my chair, hurt by the accusations. Debra wanted degrees she didn’t have, … Continue reading

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How Long is Temporary?

The curve on the sign at the end of Loop 288 warns you. Traffic zipping along the highway at a posted 60 mph must drop their speed to almost a stop to navigate the hairpin turn that leads to Interstate … Continue reading

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Give Up or Go On? The Tipping Point

Four years of training and grueling practice came to an early end for Jeremy Abbott in his short program for men’s figure skating.  His dream to stand on the Olympic podium fell hard with him to the ice after he … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Up

I ran late this week in writing a blog. In fact, I have not put pen to paper nor strung together a cohesive thought worthy of distribution. Responsibilities and deadlines kept me unusually busy, and I was ready to give … Continue reading

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When the Situaton Appears Hopeless…

The situation appears hopeless and not going as expected. What do I do now? In a recent Peanuts cartoon, Peppermint Patty stood in the middle of the baseball field, arms thrown wide, hands curled into fists, and shouted, “I’ve hit five … Continue reading

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The Shortest Yard

Wisdom says that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And I’m always looking for the straight line to my goals. The shortest yard to whatever God places on my heart. In fact, I often try to … Continue reading

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The Secret to Solving Persistent Problems

“Mom, you’re always in a rush to leave,” Jessica said, exasperated with me calling it quits on her latest decorating project. Our measurements indicated the wire baskets should be hanging level on the wall. After 45 minutes of trial and … Continue reading

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