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Waiting In Between

I met Lisa Burkhardt Worley at a speaker’s workshop and quickly connected with her heart for Jesus. Lisa is an author and speaker and the founder of Pearls of Promise Ministries, a ministry with a goal of helping women overcome … Continue reading

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Does Instant Spell Success?

And if not, why not? Check out this week’s story in my guest blog at    

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Are We There Yet? Playing the Waiting Game

6 PM, Dec 23rd, and our Christmas trip home to Dallas from Kansas City appeared in jeopardy. Snowflakes pelted our windshield and looked as if someone poured a gallon of white-out over the car. Dad gripped the steering wheel with … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Penguins

What can penguins teach us about confronting stubborn attitudes? One evening during my first year as a Director, I vented to my husband about my team, “If they would just do what I suggest, we wouldn’t waste so much time … Continue reading

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Hold Fast by Jennifer Mersberger

Today’s post is my first guest blog, which I will do periodically to introduce you to some of my friends and fellow writers. This one is by Jennifer Mersberger.  I hope you enjoy her practical wisdom and sighting of God in ordinary moments as much as … Continue reading

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The Problem with Shortcuts

As a product of our instant gratification world, I view “shortcuts” as efficient and quick turnarounds as a successful outcome. I’m a microwave cook who drinks instant tea. I write a story and want it published within the week. I … Continue reading

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