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Magnify God’s Influence in the Arena

Isobel Kuhn was a Canadian missionary to China in the early 1900’s. Before her death in 1957, she wrote a book, In the Arena, in which she described every hardship she faced as placing her in an arena. A stadium … Continue reading

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The Heart’s Desire

When the young man interviewed, he boasted of being a Great White in the ocean of sales. Yet,  his results were those of a snail. A bottom dweller in stack ranks. Despite the plastic shark he placed on his desk … Continue reading

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A Shabby Chic Life

I found the quilt at the bottom of my quilt box. A hand-sewn memory from my childhood. The quilt took shape one weekend when I spent the night with Mama Walker, my maternal grandmother. At first, she tried to teach … Continue reading

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Keep Pedaling

Dad strolled out of the garage with a wrench in his hand while I biked up and down the sidewalk. He stopped at the end of our driveway, forcing me to brake before I ran over him. Dad smiled and … Continue reading

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The Lifeguard

What a demanding week. Between triple digit temperatures wilting energy, gardens frying in the drought, and the debt debate churning fear about the economy, who isn’t ready for a break from daily burdens? That’s why I envied the neighbor’s two … Continue reading

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A “Come As You Are” Party

“You look lovely just the way you are. Let’s go,” my husband coaxed me toward the door. Was that a compliment or him hurrying me to leave? Jim’s last-minute suggestion of lunch at the Cotton Patch restaurant made my mouth water … Continue reading

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I Must Be On My Way

“Should we keep going or stop?” The question hung heavy in the air like dulling wine. Organizational change cast doubt on the future, and the project team reached a crossroads. Would new leaders still fund the effort? With resistance already … Continue reading

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