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Breaking Old Habits

The shrill buzz of an alarm jolted me awake. I sat up in bed, trying to get my bearings on the day. It was still dark outside, and the clock flashed 5:00 AM. “Oh, yeah, I was going to exercise … Continue reading

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Built to Last

“So what’s an additional $150 dollars if he gets the chair he wants but in the fabric I want?” The wife standing in front of me at the furniture check-out counter waved her fabric samples in front of me to … Continue reading

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Taming the Angst-o-Meter: The Most Important Step to Problem Solving

The Problem “I can’t do this,” the new guy mumbled. Boy, could I relate. The new guy and I were only weeks into our new roles and like fish out of water. I leaned forward to hear his story. “I’m an info … Continue reading

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Time to Take Five

Invigorated with breakfast and a good night’s sleep, I don old jeans and a t-shirt for fall’s yard work.  After two hours, I push through tiredness to pull just one more blade of grass out of the flower garden, rake … Continue reading

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When (Not) to Play Hide-and-Seek with God

“God didn’t put us here on earth to play hide-and-seek, but to walk closely with Him and share in the unfolding story of His kingdom.”  ~Tammy Maltby, The God Who Sees You. But I enjoyed hide-and-seek.  Especially when I wanted … Continue reading

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Filling in the Garden’s Barren Spots

Last fall I scattered purple coneflower seeds over my perennial garden, hoping to fill in some barren spots. Some took root and are growing lush with several purple coneflowers to a single stem. Others never took root and left bald … Continue reading

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Hold Fast by Jennifer Mersberger

Today’s post is my first guest blog, which I will do periodically to introduce you to some of my friends and fellow writers. This one is by Jennifer Mersberger.  I hope you enjoy her practical wisdom and sighting of God in ordinary moments as much as … Continue reading

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The Pause that Refreshes

A din of banter and laughter filled the family room when we gathered for Sunday dinner. Mom shooed us out of the kitchen while she prepared the meal, and we lazed in front of a blaring television to argue about … Continue reading

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Managing Change: What to Do When We Can’t See Where We’re Going

Sometimes, we just don’t see change coming. It’s not a matter of intelligence or foresight. After all, we anticipated past shifts in status quo. And it’s not that we don’t like change. We even pioneered a few. We got on … Continue reading

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