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Which is Better … More or Less?

“Who thinks more is better than less?” That’s the question an adult posed in one of my favorite commercials. The kindergartener explains without hesitation, “More! We want more.” I can relate. Being an ambitious oldest or perhaps just a product … Continue reading

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The Potential in Small

“There’s got to be an easier way,” I said, exasperated after six phone calls and four fruitless hours hunting for resources. A typical day in the life of a hospital social worker. I canvassed every community resource I knew to help … Continue reading

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If Only They Would Listen …

Did my words reach them? I mumbled on the way back to my office from presenting to another team. Will my words take root and grow them into effective manager-coaches who bring out potential in others? The audience greeted me … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Rid of Weeds?

“Give it up,” Jim suggested in the middle of my back-breaking, muscle straining weed pulling. “We’ll fertilize and the grass will choke the weeds.” “You’re just being lazy and don’t want to help me.” Sarcasm and sweat dripped off my … Continue reading

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Digging into the Past

I’ve heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls since my religion classes in college. Like a six-year-old dancing before the family tree of unopened gifts on Christmas morning, I looked forward to seeing the oldest known manuscripts of the Book that … Continue reading

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Work in Progress

I’m a Completer-Finisher. At least that’s what the personality trait test asserted. One who looks at projects and declares: The End. Period. Finished. Time to celebrate victory or reflect on failure. Either way, I like to tie loose ends into … Continue reading

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From Mustard Seed Idea to a Tree

The mustard seed of an idea grew into a magnificent tree of churches that dot surrounding Brazilian communities today. Jean and her husband landed in Brazil more than 50 years ago as missionaries. A young couple with servants’ hearts, they … Continue reading

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