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Lost and Found

“Uh-oh, where are they? Daddy? Mommy?” Twisting my skinny, six year-old body around to look back down the shoreline, I peer at the footprints scrambled in the sand. I squint to find the ones that are mine and will point … Continue reading

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She Has Suffered Enough

I sat ramrod straight on the living room couch, straining to memorize every word the hospice nurse spoke after assessing Mom. “The signs are there. She’s transitioning … actively dying. It could be days or weeks.” The nurse’s mouth kept … Continue reading

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What’s left?

Did Lutheran pastor, Martin Rinkart,* have any inkling about the loss that lay ahead when he entered the fortified city of Eilenberg, Germany in 1617? Religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants broke out a year later. It evolved into the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

Some things can’t come soon enough, like … The day the miracle cream delivers on its promise and erases my telltale signs of aging. An end to road construction so freeways allow me to actually move at posted speeds. The … Continue reading

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A Message in the Clouds

She was a wife, mother, grandmother, and daughter. A BFF to some, Bible study teacher to others, and one who saw the good in all. A courageous warrior against the illness that ultimately took her life. Her death, as with … Continue reading

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Taming the Angst-o-Meter: The Most Important Step to Problem Solving

The Problem “I can’t do this,” the new guy mumbled. Boy, could I relate. The new guy and I were only weeks into our new roles and like fish out of water. I leaned forward to hear his story. “I’m an info … Continue reading

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Hope is Not a Strategy…

I heard that warning stated several times the last two weeks. Hope is not a strategy … … to tackle the war in Afghanistan. … to stimulate the economy. … to lose weight. … to cure a nasty cold or … Continue reading

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The Guarantee for Future Success

“Past performance is no guarantee of future success.”  Last year, with that theory in mind, I tamped down the embers of desire to attend the Christian Communicators Conference. The one for those who hear God’s call to a speaking ministry. … Continue reading

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Is It Okay to Be Afraid?

Jesus often said, “Fear not.” Yet, the first time I stood in front of a crowd, fear enslaved me. Thirty pairs of eyes stared at me and thirty somber faces waited for me to impart something they didn’t already know. … Continue reading

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If You Could Have Only One Leadership Quality…

“What would it be?” The question demanded an answer. What one quality could stand alone and position me to stare down all circumstances? What single leadership attribute guaranteed success if I had it to use with family, friends, work, or … Continue reading

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