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The Long Road

God called the Israelites to the long road out of Egypt to the Promised Land. He “…did not lead them on the road through Philistine country, though that was the shortest way.” (Exodus 13:17, NCV) Why not? I would argue … Continue reading

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Bible Trivia: Who Were the First “Property Brothers?”

Who is the Bible’s earliest equivalent to HGTV’s Property Brothers? The Property Brothers are that popular twin team who works together, helping first time home buyers purchase a diamond-in-the-rough house and transform it into their dream home. Drew is the … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun

Sadness in the woman’s eyes telegraphed resignation. She groped her way through the dark reality of  life’s hardships. Then, here came the sun. This story from my friend, Brandy, bears repeating. I worked for an organization that helped women on … Continue reading

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A Stitch in Time

It began as a failed guitar lesson. “You’ll make a better quilter than guitar picker,” Mama Walker said after an unsuccessful lesson in guiding my six year-old fingers across wire strings and frets on her guitar. “C’mon. I’ll show you how.” … Continue reading

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The Final Call

“This is United Airways flight #2532 to Charlotte. Final call. Charlotte passengers Rogers, Kimble, and Turner, please report to gate A11 immediately for boarding or your seats will be given away. The doors of this aircraft will close in three minutes … Continue reading

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The Way

Traffic halted on both sides of the narrow street. Before I reached the exit from my neighborhood, I joined the line of cars braking to a full stop. Eleven white geese followed in the footsteps of a wild Canadian goose. … Continue reading

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Taking a Long, Leisurely Visit

The three hours passed like three minutes. As lunch with my friend drew to a close, we set our next date. We set that routine years ago after we met at work and then parted to new destinations. Every few … Continue reading

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The Easter Story

Easter played out on my patio this year in my ficus tree… He Lives! “Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” … Continue reading

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