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The Hug of God

David Peterson, former pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington, told about a time when he prepared his Sunday sermon. His little daughter came in and said, “Daddy, can we play?” The pastor answered, “I’m awfully sorry, Sweetheart, … Continue reading

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The Final Call

“This is United Airways flight #2532 to Charlotte. Final call. Charlotte passengers Rogers, Kimble, and Turner, please report to gate A11 immediately for boarding or your seats will be given away. The doors of this aircraft will close in three minutes … Continue reading

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A Message in the Clouds

She was a wife, mother, grandmother, and daughter. A BFF to some, Bible study teacher to others, and one who saw the good in all. A courageous warrior against the illness that ultimately took her life. Her death, as with … Continue reading

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The Most Important Step to Abundant Living

A manager sat in my office, frustrated with below-standard team performance. He admitted,  “I’ve had the same conversations every month for six months with little or no progress. What can I do?” We dug to the root of the problem: … Continue reading

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What’s Your End in Mind?

Try this exercise. Take two sheets of newspaper opened in the center. Make a paper sword by rolling one corner tightly toward the opposite diagonal corner. You should now have a long tube. Bend 3-4″ of one end at a … Continue reading

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Coming Right Up: Advent

TangleRidge golf course opened right before Christmas. I decided to surprise my husband, Jim, with a round of golf, but TangleRidge didn’t yet have a way to set up the gift by phone. I had to drive there to purchase it. So, … Continue reading

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An Accountability Check-Up

It’s that season again…time for annual performance reviews. The time when I write a self assessment about how I performed the last twelve months and what results I achieved against goals. A time to pause and have a conversation with … Continue reading

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The Wedding

Tears welled in our eyes as we remembered the valley through which our daughter traveled to reach this mountaintop moment. She descended the winding staircase, her eyes locked onto those of the man who awaited her below. Taking her time … Continue reading

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