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The Hug of God

David Peterson, former pastor at the First Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington, told about a time when he prepared his Sunday sermon. His little daughter came in and said, “Daddy, can we play?” The pastor answered, “I’m awfully sorry, Sweetheart, … Continue reading

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No Vacancy

What is your worst hotel experience? Mine occurred over Labor Day weekend during graduate school. On a whim, my friend and I traveled to Laredo to do some serious shopping before classes started the following Wednesday. We drove from Austin … Continue reading

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Setback or Set Up?

My desire to teach suffered a setback. In the last semester of my last year in college, my career plan came to a screeching halt at the hands of a high school Spanish class who cared more about sports and … Continue reading

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Coming Soon

Some things can’t come soon enough, like … The day the miracle cream delivers on its promise and erases my telltale signs of aging. An end to road construction so freeways allow me to actually move at posted speeds. The … Continue reading

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Help: The Secret to Encountering Christ

Jim rarely asks for help with directions. Me, I just don’t ask for help. Not the best strategy, mind you, as I am often left more exhausted and frustrated than not. Case in point… When it comes to web pages … Continue reading

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Got Joy?

This time of year I usually bemoan how Christmas already lines store aisles. The pumpkin patch is barely bare, for heaven’s sake, but garland and tinsel push their way to center stage. And is that a Santa suit I spy … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Gift

While I move and drown in a sea of boxes, I hope this post from last year tickles a fond memory for you, too… “What’s the best Christmas gift you received as a child?” the host posed the question. Heads … Continue reading

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The Gift

About twelve years ago this week,  my friend, Gina, came by my office and handed me a beautifully wrapped gift. The bow and paper fell away to reveal a snow globe music box on a pedestal-shaped stage. Inside the globe, … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet? Playing the Waiting Game

6 PM, Dec 23rd, and our Christmas trip home to Dallas from Kansas City appeared in jeopardy. Snowflakes pelted our windshield and looked as if someone poured a gallon of white-out over the car. Dad gripped the steering wheel with … Continue reading

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Beating Heat and Drought with Jingle Bells

Telltale signs of time speeding by lined the shelves of Hobby Lobby. Despite the fact that I rushed home to catch swimming finals for the SUMMER Olympics and despite the fact that I dashed from my car in 108 degree … Continue reading

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