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How Long is a Good Life?

A long life might not be good enough, but a good life is always long enough. The pastor for Marcus spoke these words ten years ago at his memorial service. Every year since then, on March 4, friends and family … Continue reading

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Which is Better … More or Less?

“Who thinks more is better than less?” That’s the question an adult posed in one of my favorite commercials. The kindergartener explains without hesitation, “More! We want more.” I can relate. Being an ambitious oldest or perhaps just a product … Continue reading

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The Secret to Big Dreams

Have any big dreams for the new year? “Dream bigger.” That was Steve Jobs’ advice to a Disney CEO looking to re-invent that company. Inspired, I drafted my New Year’s Resolutions, entitled “Big Dreams for 2014.” About half-way through the … Continue reading

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Harnessing Polar Bear Power

I shivered as a breeze off the bay water whipped through my light jacket. I hadn’t expected San Francisco’s spring weather to start the day with such cool mornings. And for a cold-natured, Texas gal whose fingernails were turning blue … Continue reading

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Picking the Right Building Materials

“That’s not what I chose.” The accent tile installed in our master bath was not what we picked at the design center. I selected an olive green to contrast the wheat-colored foundation. Instead, pink and blue iridescent tiles sparkled in … Continue reading

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Holding an Open House

What is your least favorite part of selling a house? When a house goes on the market, it’s bad enough that the seller must keep it squeaky clean 24×7,  to show at a moment’s notice. To me, vacating so the … Continue reading

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When to Avoid Perfectionism and Comparison

Confession time. My name is Gloria and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’m improving and fell off the wagon only once last month. Though my perfectionist binge did last several days. Trying to do or make myself the best possible can be … Continue reading

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How Long is a Good Life?

“Slaying victim had a strong faith, heart.” The headline blurred as I choked back tears over the  story in the Dallas News, March 4, 2003. The 29-year-old was returning to his Cedar Hill home early Saturday after shuttling church friends … Continue reading

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A Shabby Chic Life

I found the quilt at the bottom of my quilt box. A hand-sewn memory from my childhood. The quilt took shape one weekend when I spent the night with Mama Walker, my maternal grandmother. At first, she tried to teach … Continue reading

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The Most Important Step to Abundant Living

A manager sat in my office, frustrated with below-standard team performance. He admitted,  “I’ve had the same conversations every month for six months with little or no progress. What can I do?” We dug to the root of the problem: … Continue reading

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