When the Situaton Appears Hopeless…

The situation appears hopeless and not going as expected. What do I do now?

PattiIn a recent Peanuts cartoon, Peppermint Patty stood in the middle of the baseball field, arms thrown wide, hands curled into fists, and shouted, “I’ve hit five home runs and pitched a no-hit game, and we’re behind 37 to 5! Whoever heard of 37 unearned runs? This is ridiculous!”

She then lifted her bat to her shoulder and walked off the field as she declared, “I thought I could help your team, Chuck. But it’s hopeless! I’m going back where I came from!”

In the cartoon’s last frame, Charlie Brown stood alone in the field and reflected on Peppermint Patti’s departure, saying, “That must be a nice thing to be able to do.”

I chuckled … then grimaced. I subscribed to Peppermint Patty’s answer a time or two. I tried so hard to make something work … a project, a relationship, a job. Yet, despite all my efforts, I was still behind. I walked off the field to go back where I came from. Perhaps we all do at some point.

Even the Israelites considered it. When they hit a rough patch that appeared hopeless despite all their efforts, they grumbled. And in their Peppermint Patty-like state of crankiness, they begged to turn back to where they came from … even though that place was Egypt where they lived in slavery.

The Israelites took forty years and a generation of wandering the desert before they realized that He who called them out of slavery was faithful AND would see them through the rough patches (1 Thessalonians 5:24). In His time and in His way, God put the game in the win column. Even when the score was 37 to 5 in favor of pagans in the ninth inning.

Jesus chose a different path. He understood what lay ahead and prayed the cup would pass from him. It didn’t. So, he stayed. He trusted God was with him, and he saw it through. The impact of staying? Salvation of humanity for past, present, and future generations.

Jesus saw his calling through to the end. And only then did he return where he came from. To the throne of God.

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. (Hebrews 10:36, NIV)

©2013 Gloria Ashby. Feel free to forward this devotion in its entirety, including this copyright line. Leave comments, ask questions, read past devotions, or subscribe to receive these devotions daily in your e-mail.

About Gloria Ashby

I'm a writer, speaker and teacher. I live with my husband in the DFW area, and close to our daughter and her family.
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One Response to When the Situaton Appears Hopeless…

  1. Danie Marie says:

    Sometimes leaving is the only option, like when you’re in an abusive relationship, which can include those we call friends. Those who repeatedly abuse us. But you’re right, Gloria, there are times when staying is right. Perseverance helps us grow our character to be more godly. 🙂

    Hugs sweet friend!

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