Outsourcing Worry

We outsource lawn work, shopping for gifts, and paying our bills. Why not outsource worry?

worryI ran across this story about a man who hired a virtual assistant to worry for him. How did that work? Fabulously! He sent his assistant a laundry list of things that burdened him with worry. After that, whenever the man started to fret about something, he stopped and thought, I don’t need to concern myself with this; [virtual assistant] is worrying about it for me.

I was ready to sign up! Until I realized I already have a virtual assistant. God. He always knows what I’m into and up to.  He sees me and takes care of the worry for me.

So, what’s my problem? Either I don’t give Him my worries but hang on to resolve them solo or I don’t trust Him and take them back after laying them at His altar.

I’m not too unlike my friend who once shared, “I laid my children at God’s altar and then suffered altar burn when I quickly snatched them back!” That’s me. I tell God He can have my worries, and then I pull them back when He’s not working fast enough or in the way I think best from my perspective.

Worry comes from a root word that means to strangle, injure, or choke. And that’s exactly what worry does. It strangles or chokes me. It cuts off my breath of life. Worry consumes me and fills me with worst-case scenarios.

Instead of letting worry consume me, I need to let God consume it. I will lay it upon God’s altar and allow the fires of His compassion for me as His child devour the worry.

King David offered sound advice after a close friend betrayed him. His heart was heavy with worry of where to go and what step to take next. He could have held onto the distress until it choked him to death or paralyzed him from hearing God’s voice.

Instead, David outsourced his worry. He trusted  it with God …

But I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me …Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. (Psalm 55:16,22, NLT)

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About Gloria Ashby

I'm a writer, speaker and teacher. I live with my husband in the DFW area, and close to our daughter and her family.
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2 Responses to Outsourcing Worry

  1. Perhaps I should trade ‘altar burn’ for ‘rug burn on my praying knees?’

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