Becoming Mom

Jessica babyToday our daughter celebrates her birthday. In honor of this day, I’m reposting a note I sent to her two years ago.

Thirty-one years ago, I climbed upon a chair to oil the kitchen cabinets to a gleam. Nesting, they call it. You stirred inside me, announcing your readiness to push your way into the world. The nursery was set, and I wanted everything to shine for you, the infant who would reorganize our schedules and my life.

Of course, you came on the exact day the doctor predicted. I marked the calendar, “Due Date” because I’m a planner and always on time, so I figured you would be, too.

Though I dreamed of what having a rug rat running around might be like, I never imagined the extent you would change my life…

  • How you would push aside the adult in me to call “my child” out to play with you.
  • How you would transform a poised, professional woman to one who would stand in the middle of an office building, cooing and clucking at a wiggling baby with girly pink ribbons in her hair.
  • How easily I overcame my shy nature to fight for you against unfair teachers or playground bullies.
  • How I would ache to exchange places with you when you were sick or sad or hurt.
  • How my heart would swell with love so much I thought it would burst at every milestone and smile you threw my way.

Parenting books failed to mention I would never untie the knots of concern in my stomach about your well-being when you were overdue to arrive home or faced some fearsome challenge. Even after you grew into adulthood and moved to stand on your own.

No one warned me how hard it would be to let go when you strained against the bonds of childhood and stubbornly insisted on your way as an adult (wonder where you got that?)

But God knew exactly what I needed when He blessed me with you … A child who would warm the cold in my heart. Who would be a “feeler” to my “thinker.” Who would teach me to give when I once yearned to receive.

When you were born, I captured a slice of heaven. A peek at what eternity with the caring Father will be like, and a deeper realization of how much God must love me. Why else would He bless me with such an awesome, priceless treasure as you.

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3 NLT)

©2013 Gloria Ashby. Feel free to forward this devotion in its entirety, including this copyright line. Leave comments, ask questions, read past devotions, or subscribe to receive these devotions daily in your e-mail.


About Gloria Ashby

I'm a writer, speaker and teacher. I live with my husband in the DFW area, and close to our daughter and her family.
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